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Hand drawn iIllustration by Supermundane with lots of intricate lines and patterns

We have a fantastic resource of advice and guidance for a range of activities, from applying for funding and running your own business to developing audiences to learning and education resources.  So whether you need support in reaching diverse audiences, writing a business plan or commissioning new work, you’ll find information and sources of further support here.

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Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell's Heathlands Village Glass.

Welcome to Grantium

Advice and guidance on how to use our new online application portal, called Grantium

A couple peer into a phonebox that appears to have been turned into a fishtank.

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Data is knowledge! Explore our data library and find out more about why we think data is important

Image captions
Top left to bottom right: 1. Scarlett Brookes and Steven Elliott in Educating Rita at Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Photo © Joel C Fildes / Oldham Coliseum Theatre 2. Garden of Light by TILT, presented as part of Artichoke's Lumiere Duham 2015. Photo © Matthew Andrews 3. Artist Deirdre Nelson with one of the Saffron Gardens residents as part of Willis Newson's Napkin Project. Photo © Jim Wileman on behalf of Willis Newson. 4. Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell's Heathlands Village Glass. Photo © Geoff Brokate. 5. Dusk by Fevered Sleep. Photo © Matthew Andrews / Fevered Sleep 6. Aquarium by Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille - part of Artichoke's Lumiere Durham 2013. Photo © Matthew Andrews / Artichoke. 7. Artificial Things by Stopgap Dance Company © Photo Chris Parkes 8. Atmosphere by Edmund de Waal at Turner Contemporary. Photo © Benjamin Beker. 9. David Glowacki's 'Hidden Fields'. Photo © Paul Blakemore / Interactive Scientific Ltd. 10. Scattered by Motionhouse. Photo © Chris Nash / Motionhouse 11. Gecko Theatre: Institute. Photo © Richard Haughton 12. Digital Utopia: Digital R&D Fund for the Arts Event at HeartnSoul. Photo © Digital R&D Fund for the Arts / Nesta.