#70things: get the list

From creating your own emoji to tuning into the Last Night of the Proms, we've got a list of #70things that will bring fun, low-cost and surprising creativity to your summer. We're sharing the list over 70 days from Tuesday 9 August.

Sound like fun? Here's how to get involved...

1. See the list

Download the full list, or take a look at the first few activities in the photo album below.

2. Take part

You can join in on the day, or take inspiration from the full list whenever you like. 
In need of inspiration? These partners can help. 

3. Keep sharing

Remember: share what you do online using #70things - and see what everyone else has done.

So, take a look at the full list or explore this week's activities below.
Get stuck in – and have fun!


#70 things: the list